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Many girls viewing this site will still be in the closet,I was myself for many years,and I know how lonely it can be,the internet gives contact of a sort to others like yourself,but its not like meeting real people face to face,
You make new friends and learn so much more from meeting others than from web site's and books,
Many organisations such as the Beaumont society,Mayflower group,Northern Concord ect,plus a number of Individuals organise meetings,events and get togethers all over the country,most of these have places to change,and Tgirls are the most friendly people around and will soon make you welcome,dont worry about if you think you dont look as good as the more experienced girls,we all at to start somewhere,and the place to learn to get it right is from others like yourself,just make the effort of getting along to your local meeting or event,you will never regreat it,and will be kicking yourself for not doing it before.


King's Cross meeting at 86 Caledonian Road


Surrey Swans,at The Lion Brewery,Ash.



One of my meetings at The George,Isleworth


Chinese Meal at The Happiness Garden,Brentford.



A Group at The Fountain,Handcross.

Click below to go to page two,listing events.

Going Place's,Page Two.


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