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For many girls, the very idea of going into a shop and buying clothes for themselves is not only a daunting but sometimes terrifying thought. I know from my own experience that particulary the first few times were very difficult and I still have a problem with makeup.

There are a few times each year that we can take advantage of, eg. Xmas, St Valentines etc, when it's easier to go into the shops with confidence knowing that you will most likely be taken to be buying gifts for wives, girlfriends, partners etc. I personally found these times the best times to start when buying in shops, once you get into the mindset of buying as gifts you soon realise that nobody really takes any notice and you can walk in with confidence. Of course asking to try things on would still be a problem .

The next thing to think about is what size you will be needing, this again can be a bit tricky if you have no idea to start with. The actual sizes of clothes do vary between stores and you will find some will come up larger and some smaller.

Once you have an idea of your sizes, start by buying a top, preferrably knitted as this will give quite a bit if you have bought too small. You should then know pretty well what your top size is and will probably find your bottom size to be 1-2 sizes smaller. Buy one size smaller to start with and you can always use a belt if they are a little loose.

 If you do buy something that once you get home you find is totally unsuitable dont be afraid to take it back. Most stores have a money back policy although some will only issue vouchers, if you need to know ask at the till when buying, say 'can I bring this back if she doesn't like it'. If they say 'only for vouchers', it's your choice!

The next item on the list is shoes, these are so important to the girl about town and the choice really is endless. As for size I have always found that there is little difference in male size to female size when it comes to length, the big difference is in the width, males usually having wider shaped feet than women. With this in mind you may need to buy a size larger than usual. High street stores such as Evans range of shoes are nearly all wide fitting and definately worth a look, although they dont seem to cater for very high heels, most being around 2". Unfortuately most womens shoe stores seem to only go up to size 8, so you may need to look in catalogues, the internet etc.

 Size       8      10     12     14     16     18    20  22  24   26 
 Bust inch     32   33   35   37   39   41  43  45  47  49
   cm    81   84   89   94   99  104  109  114  119  124
 Waist  inch    24   25   27   29   31   33  35  37  39  41
   cm    61   64   69   74   79   84  89  94  99  104
 Hips  inch    34   35   37   39   41   43  45  47  49  51
   cm    86   89   94   99  104  109  114  119  124  129

Above is a typical size chart for womens clothes, but as we are built a little differently some allowances need to be made.

Bust: Measure around the fullest part, eg. 41 inches gives size 18. If you are buying knitted tops a size smaller will generally be fine.

Waist: Measure your natural waistline then go one or two sizes smaller than the chart, eg 33 inches gives size 18 so you will probably need to buy size 16 or even 14.

This page is only a guide and only with experience will you know your true sizes.

Happy Shopping 


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